The Sundown Group

The Sundown Group is the rarest of companies… a Private organisation at the cutting edge of its field, possessing an unrivalled level of integrity, vision and focus to make a difference. Five years ago, that vision was to create an academy programme which would not only service our current needs, but would help rebalance the IT Knowledge economy in the north west – whilst we acknowledge we have a long way to go – we feel that we are delivering our vision.

The Sundown Academy programme creates AAI – Artificial..... Artificial Intelligence – AKA PEOPLE, and we are building a people business for the future. The business has grown 50% year on year over the last three years, financially, physically and logically - rising from 12 to 35 FTEs, whilst also expanding the business with the creation of a new Services division. This new Sundown Group – now consisting of four companies, is aligned with one vision and strategy to deliver large-scale growth in the IT Cloud sector across the UK, whilst continuing our investment in local North West talent.

Our growth strategy mantra is: “The company that invests in education, runs the industry” Sundown Group employs the highest qualified Microsoft professionals across the industry, and these same experts have spent 5-years building our own academy programme to empower and share the knowledge with those around us. We deliver high value, job focused training directly to our academy members which is augmented by SME shadowing. This is vital to our success and the continued growth of the business.

We fund all tuition and exams, allowing employees the designated time to complete the relevant qualifications in working hours, an approach which has allowed us to scale sideways dramatically as demand for our services has increased. We currently offer our training packages over three career-led age groups that ensures anyone from any age bracket and background can apply for our roles:

  • Further Education – 21+(without degree)
  • Internships – 21+(with degree)
  • Apprenticeship – 16+

The 3-pronged approach we’ve taken widens our talent pool dramatically, as just because someone “ages out” – it doesn’t mean they are not valuable. We have recently (in 2020) refreshed all our academy exams to the latest exam format provided by Microsoft, and all our employees will be undertaking continuous training to ensure they all maintain concurrency for the next two years. Sundown Group are active members of the Armed Forces covenant scheme and the Army Careers Transition partnership are very keen on utilising our academy approach to resettle soldiers leaving the forces in the next 24 months, as they also see the significant benefit it brings to further education and service personnel transition into civilian life.


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