Microsoft technologies connect your employees to the information they need and the people the need to engage with to get their jobs done in more efficient and productive ways. Combining great user experiences with rich content, the Sundown team are leading experts in this field, helping to customise and enhance SharePoint & Teams platforms & portals to provide users with easy access to the right information at the right time – informing, empowering, organizing, and connecting your employees with a stable and secure cloud platform.

This approach has also included our award winning TeamsTranet and SPaaP (SharePoint as a Platform) which deliver feature rich capabilities and absolute ease of access:

SharePoint As A Platform is not a new term. It has been around since SharePoint was created. Not only is SharePoint a world class content management system, it is also a world class platform.

This is very evident with Microsoft's continuing investment in the feature rich APIs, CSOM and PowerShell cmdlets. Accessing and using the product as an intermediary layer opens up a world of possibilities and allows for the latest and greatest content and frameworks to run on top of a solid Microsoft stack.