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COVID-19 Statement and Preparations

Since Friday 13th March The Sundown Group have instigated our full remote working policy. 

This will mean that all Sundown members of staff are working from home as the preferred option and will only attend face to face meetings if they can do so using direct transportation to and from the venue as long as the customer is happy to continue with the meeting as planned.

We have taken this measure for the following reasons:

1. A precautionary measure to infection control - This stops our people having to make unnecessary journeys as per government guidelines

2. Assistance with family commitments and assurance - We have several members of staff with small children and elderly family members that may require more assistance and re-assurance at this time, which home working by our staff members can bring

This will have zero impact on our current customer base, as our standard remote working capability is online and working as expected and all projects and commitments are currently on track and being met.

If any of our customers require any assistance, help or guidance on implementing remote working please don’t hesitate to contact us - this also includes our ability to help license and “lend” out our remote working platforms to those who need it.

Heath Groves MCM/MCSM/MCT/Mbcs. 

M365 Expert Administrator

MD | Sundown Group