The Sundown Group

Sundown Solutions was the brainchild of Heath Groves more than 10 years ago, when he set up the business to deliver security focussed IT Development & Consultancy services through a select number of Security Cleared SME's.

The team partnered with Microsoft for 4 years, delivering L3 / L4 services to the worlds largest SharePoint environments across BPoS / BPoSD, a pre-cursor to the focus being applied to the training academy and managed services consultancy which Heath had always wanted to build.

Fast forward 10 years, and Sundown Solutions has evolved into Sundown Group, realising its Award Winning Training Academy goal, which benefits our FTE's, who deliver our Consultancy, Engineering and Managed Services, and our clients who benefit from highly qualified expertise to support them and their technical & business needs.

Sundown encryption logo

Developing and patenting innovative products, all of which underpinned by our security encryption technology, and now market ready (such as Yellow Bracelet, and SES Cloud Secure) and making a real difference, all of which has been fully underpinned by our own CSR policy which looks to invest in ideas, and return benefits of the tech we develop to the wider community.


Sundown USA & Services

Sundown USA is its own self-sufficient Microsoft Gold Partner which helps to support and service the global clients we partner with that operate either solely in the USA or on both sides of the Atlantic. We are seen as a go-to partner for Microsoft across the USA, with a particular focus on AD, Security, Application Customization and Modern Workplace transformation.

Sundown Services is the most recent addition to the Sundown Group. Incorporated in 2019, its focus is to widen the client engagement capability and service portfolio for the business across key large enterprise sectors - NHS / Public Sector, Life / Bio-Sciences / Pharma, FS / Banking / Legal and FMCG.

People At the Heart

The foundations of Sundown Group have been 10 years in the making, built over time to ensure continuity and capability is at the heart of everything we deliver.

Lets make this journey together a great one.