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As part of ongoing development for Sundown and enabling others to gain an insight into current innovation and what is happening at Sundown, we ventured into public speaking at SharePoint events nationally and more recently on an international scale.

We love to engage regularly in helping to coordinate events. As core contributors to several user groups, we are always available to provide advice and feedback to community members.

SharePoint Saturdays were the first speaker events we did, leading to SharePoint User Group (SPUG UK) at the Manchester and Isle of Man venues. We also speak at SharePoint Saturday events throughout the US and contribute to the Dallas-Ft. Worth SharePoint User Group (DFW SPUG). internationally in Los Colinas Texas at the SharePoint Techfest, and participation in Collab365 Global conference.

We believe in investing in our community and as such, we also work with TEALS in the US & mentor apprentices here in the UK. This not only lets us help to grow young minds, but also opens us up to new and innovative thoughts from people with different backgrounds and no preconceived notions of what projects should look like.

A list of some of the events/organisations we work with regularly:

A variety of topics have been covered at speaking events and are most usually linked to what project Sundown Solutions is currently working on. You can find the details and links for some of these sessions below:

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Heath at TechFest 2015 - Standing room only...


REST to create responsive HTML 5 intranets

innovation and collaboration across organisations but SharePoint has a problem SharePoint is not pretty! SharePoint is ugly, SharePoint does not go to the prom, SharePoint stays at home and eats ice cream watching the Vampire Diaries and re-runs of Friends, SharePoint needs your help, it needs you to transform it into the dignified, majestic intranet unicorn that you always knew it could be! Dont settle for second, or even third place. step it up, and join this eye opening session on implementing HTM5 data driven templates to make your intranets pop! Dont get left behind, let us show you how to make your intranet responsive and beautiful. These techniques take days to implement, not months and they work seamlessly between on-prem (SP2010, SP2013, SP2016) and O365 now im no Tim Berners-Lee, but that sounds like progress to me

CollabO365 - October 2015, Global Conference

Implementing Development Operations for SharePoint Environments

Development Operations has been around for a while in the wider cloud arena, but is a relatively new concept in the SharePoint space.This session looks to show, instruct and guide companies on how to start implementing development operations into their company regardless of the hosting location of the SharePoint infrastructure.

SharePoint User Group - October 2015, Manchester

This session is the live presentation of the Development operations presentation completed at Collab365

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Multi Tennancy Supporting Image

SharePoint Saturday UK November 2013, Hinckley

Multi-Tenancy: A Real Life Usage Scenario

As part of the Real World Case Studies string, this session was based on how one NHS CSU (Commissioning Support Unit) overcome the inherent and legacy issues of a disparate organisation by utilising the power of Multi-Tenancy. By show casing how the old legacy infrastructure was transformed into a modern day Multi-Tenancy
platform integrating the new apps model to help the CSU deliver products directly to its GPs at the front line. If you thought Multi-Tenancy was a Microsoft only trinket then this session was designed to show you otherwise.

SharePoint User Group - December 2014, Manchester group

News Scavenger: A SharePoint and Apps Story

This session was show cased on the back of creating a universal mobile app, ensuring full accessibility on all platforms. Based on real time events from first ideas to creating the app from scratch, coding, design, to publishing issues and version updates. This session was designed to show you the struggles involved with innovative technology and making things work in a different way to what you always thought.

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