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Managed IT Service

The Managed IT Service provides total IT Management for organisations that need to have consistency in an inconsistent world

The Managed IT Service provides the customer with top level IT Professionals to deal with all their IT needs as they arise and the customer only has to pay a flat fee.

This allows customers to use the service for ALL their IT needs 24/7 365 without worries about extra costs, staffing levels, retention issues, recruitment or legislation changes.

It allows the customer to build solid financial plans over large uncertain time frames, and deliver results.

As part of this service we provide an on-site presence if needed as well as backing the whole thing with our award winning 24/7 365 service desk.

We provision highly qualified and skilled members of staff to ensure you always have top quality personnel available to fill any gaps in your organisation or knowledge economy.

We have found most organisations using our service instead of costly, lengthy and ultimately stale personal services contracts. Why appoint just one person to a role, when you can have an entire companies’ worth of expertise, skill and experience at your disposal, all for one flat fee.

The customer simply picks up the phone or sends an email and outlining their requirements for the upcoming quarter.

What could be simpler than that?

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