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The key to the application is in the name - Scavenging!

New Scavenger employs a powerful back end to continually scan the top source web sites and social media networks for the latest information regarding the source subject. Once it has this information it formats and stores it on our secure servers. From here the News Scavenger applications pull that consolidated information to the device of the end users choosing and they can jump directly to the point of origin for that piece of information or share it seamlessly across the media network of their choice.

This allows us to control the formatting from multiple sources allowing us to deliver the same experience to the end user regardless of source. Articles, Posts and Tweets are all delivered in the same, easy to digest, lower bandwidth format. It also allows us the ability to scan sites that do not use common aggregation technologies like RSS.

Not being limited to just web sites allows us to complete the same process with social media networks. All of the above allows News Scavenger to provide one single hub for the source subject, where all the latest articles, tweets, comments and posts are available to view immediately.

"We built the app for them, not for us!"

Our research pointed heavily to low user adoption with highly complex news applications.

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