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When SharePoint was first introduced over 15 years ago the world was a very different place. The landscape of enterprise content management and web portals is almost unrecognisable today.

With the release of SharePoint 2016, the rise of Office 365 and ability to host on Azure or Amazon Web Service, the SharePoint landscape has never looked so diverse.

In this modern era almost everyone has a SharePoint story to tell, some good some bad.

We have been working with the product stack at the highest level for over a decade - let us use this experience and knowledge to help you make your next SharePoint story a happy one.


Microsoft's march to the cloud is well documented and relentless, but with the introduction of SharePoint 2016 they are also restating and re-affirming their commitment to On Premise software. This is also evident in the large engineering investments made in SQL 2016.

The cloud is not for everyone, but it does have some cost based benefits at present, with a hybrid approach you can off load some of the heavy technical burden whilst still keeping control in your on premise data centre.

A great example of this is the hybrid search connector, which takes a technically complex component to manage and maintain (the search provider) and does it automatically in the cloud.

There are great new things coming in the way of hybrid SharePoint and we are always working with Microsoft to keep involved as things are released. The new hybrid Metadata Service is also a great way to keep data tagged within the same taxonomy across environments.

The other starlet in this arena is the new OneDrive for Business which allows your content to be stored in the cloud but your infrastructure to remain in place. This gets rid of any scaling issues with regards to capacity.

For more information and guidance on whether or not hybrid is right for you contact us using the number or form below.

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Azure has undoubtedly become the flag ship of cloud technologies.

Its scalability and uptime is very hard to beat but most customers don't realise that it can be used to host a private version of SharePoint.

Think about it as having your own On Premise installation stored on Azure servers.
This gives you the benefits and control of On Premise, the flexibility of private cloud but the benefits of public cloud scalability.

To see if Azure is the right platform for you contact us using the number or form below.


Office 365 is a whole product stack created for the enterprise which includes the SharePoint platform.

As well as SharePoint you can choose other products including Exchange and Skype for Business as well as all the other new features that are constantly being rolled out.

We have experts familiar with Office 365 migration paths, and knowledgable in all areas of Office 365.

Office 365 is rented on a per seat basis and comes with a helpful sliding scale not to mention a free download of the latest office suite for each user, which can be installed on up to four Windows devices and is free for Android and Apple devices. From a purely SharePoint perspective Office 365 comes in two variants:

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Office 365 Multi-Tenant

This is your normal Office 365 implementation, you share the Microsoft farms for your geographical location with other tenants. All data is segregated and cannot be accessed by other tenants. This approach allows you to pay a hugely reduced fee. If you sign up for Office 365 this is the default configuration you will receive.

Office 365 Dedicated

This is the next step up where you get your own dedicated farm hosted and maintained by Microsoft. Although this can be expensive in comparison it is a truly world class offering, directly supported by the SharePoint product group. If you need assistance, guidance or help deciding which variant of Office 365 is for you, or require help on boarding to Office 365 from on premise then feel free to contact us using the number or form below. With the majority of our core team coming from the SharePoint Online engineering team internally at Microsoft, we can help you with your needs, whatever they are.

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The past six years in the SharePoint space have all been about the cloud and Office 365. The truth of the situation is that having your IT infrastructure owned, maintained and operated is not the best path for everyone.

Regardless of Microsoft's internal desire to have everyone running in their datacentres, it might not be right, or indeed legally compliant for you and your organisation.

A very large proportion (over 60% at the time of writing) of SharePoint licenses are for on premise users. This can also be compounded by the fact that every single user has to be licensed in the cloud (bloating those figures) and not in some on premise scenarios.

All this means that SharePoint still has a very significant foot print in the localised datacentre and will continue to do so. The command and control of local data centers is its biggest benefit, allowing for total control over the entire stack giving you the ability to customise your projects, systems and portals to the exact requirements for your business needs. Let us help you create your systems and products to the exact specification that you and your business demands


Upgrading platforms is never an easy task and SharePoint is no different. SharePoint does not support "Version Skipping" so any upgrade needs to be done by processing the content through the next verion until the final version is reached.

Every single SharePoint upgrade is unique and must be treated as such, there are no short cuts!

There are many vendor tools out there that claim to do this "Correctly" but the reality is the majority of these tools complete the task in hand (Upgrading) without any consideration to the future technical path of the product - often causing issues later on in the product lifecycle where engineering time is spent fixing the third party tool rather than actually completing the upgrade.

All of our upgrades are done swiftly and accurately across any version steps using the correct processes and procedures as supported and endorsed by Microsoft.

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Don't make the mistake of falling for snake oil upgrade tools, there is only way to complete an upgrade... the right way!

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